Do I Really Need A Toner?

Do I really need a toner?

 So, you use a good cleanser and you even moisturize, so why do you need a toner, right?  We hear this a lot.

 I remember back in the day, toners were mainly packed with alcohol, leaving the skin with a crisp, tingling (sometimes burning) sensation.  Often leaving your face dehydrated.  Wow, the toner world sure has come a long way over the years.

 For me, the best skin care regime includes, at the very least, a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.  Each step achieves different goals.  Generally, the toner helps restore a healthy PH balance after cleansing.  It will also remove any remaining residue, excess oils and dead skin cells.  A good toner can also help to reduce clogged pores.  There are those that say toners are not mandatory.  I suppose that’s true.  However, using the right toner will amplify the benefits of the other products that you use, working in concert to deliver hydration and vitamins to help boosts the skin’s natural repair process.

For oily or problem skin, we recommend Herbal Active Astringent. We cold press eight natural extracts, eliminating the alcohol content.  This unique formula is enriched with organic willow bark extract which works to increase cell renewal – without irritating the skin.  Willow bark is known for its astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

For normal to dry skin, we recommend Soothing Action Toner, with Chamomile & Ginseng.  The toner’s bio-extracts, natural proteins, and minerals hydrate the skin and improve elasticity.  Ginseng extract is incorporated to condition and revitalize the skin, leaving a healthy glow.

 Do you need a toner?  That is up to you. You should give it a try before you decide.

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